Nerves or Sick?

Well this past week has been a non stop ride of rehearsals, snot, crying, and coughing. 

My daughter somehow caught yet another cold and was only too happy to give it to me by sticking her gross wet snotty fingers directly into my mouth.  Great timing since I have a Broadway Review show that I am in this weekend.  Of course, as most performers know, your immune system has usually taken a dump right before the trip fantastic usually due to nerves.  Well at least mine does.

Just Great.

In this show I have one of the most challenging songs where I am belting it out practically the whole time.  Normally, this is fine, my speciality really.  But now?  Ugh.  All I can think about is crawling back into my nice and cozy bed.

At least I’m not in this alone.  My sweet sick daughter is miserable too, unfortunately, but dang nabbit, she sure is a trooper. 

I love her…..  ❤

I’ll try and get my sweet hubby to videotape my performance this weekend to share with you all.


2 thoughts on “Nerves or Sick?

  1. I understand about Brett. You should go with Casie Bailey because she will be coming for Christie Saunders. But I totally understand. 🙂

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