24 weeks

Went to the doctor today for a regular baby checkup.  All is well!

Size:  Approximately the size of a Papya

Heartbeat:  148 beats strong
How I’m feeling:  Besides having a cold, I’m definitely feeling better than last pregnancy, but again I think its because I’m striving to work out more.  Of course not this week since I’ve been sick.  I also don’t really remember that I am pregnant.  Weird?  The time that I do is when I sit down to eat and need a tv tray and napkin that covers the front of me because I can’t successfully be a clean eater with out it due to my growing belly.
How much weight I’m gaining:  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  LIKE I WOULD SHARE THAT!  All I will say however is that I’m doing MUCH better than last pregnancy.  And although my spandex-wearing-bike-riding doctor did say “oh ____ lbs gained?  I’ll take it” today, which seems good, I’m not so convinced.  I know he is a bit mindful of how much weight I am gaining, because lets face it, I NEED to NOT gain a lot of weight.  I didn’t lose any from last time, so I have to be on top of my game this time.  So I decided that I will track how much I’m eating through a Weight Watchers program.  No no no.  Don’t worry, I’m not dieting, just putting myself in check.
Gender:  Still currently in a sealed envelope tacked to my white board.  Unknown.  Although Jeff and I are both hoping for another GIRL.  But we will certainly love and cherish this baby no matter what.
Names:  There has been a girl name that we have been discussing since we first found out we were pregnant.  I like the long version, he likes the short nickname of it.  After a while we took it off the table.  Just the other night, I heard him say “ok, ok, I think I concede.  (if its a girl) We can put ___________ back on the table”.  This is HUGE.  Mostly because we can’t think of ANY other names.  Seriously, we are ridiculous.  And we don’t have any names for boys either.  I think its a mental block. 


6 thoughts on “24 weeks

  1. I had such a hard time coming up with names for the gender that I was NOT pregnant with when I had my kids. As it stands now, Drew would have been Elizabeth and Natalie would have been Anikan (Since Dave wasn't there when she was born I could have TOTALLY gotten away with that) — Andrew and Natalie were the agreed upon names, I think God was working for us!

  2. I know Cindy, I'm totally excited about the prospect and now can't stop thinking about the name. But maybe its bad because I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE NAME. Which means I can't look at any other one objectively. Hmmm, a sign perhaps?

    Aimee–your a good wife because that would have been tempting to just name the baby whatever you wanted. Dave has it pretty good. Its funny though, don't you guys call her something else entirely anyway? Guess she won!

  3. I cant believe you are already a month past halfway to meeting this one! I also cant believe you both have the self control to not peek in the envelope!

  4. Ha ha! My 1st PG, we had both a boy and girl name picked out almost IMMEDIATELY. This time around? I can't even really THINK about it. I think part of it for ME, is that i really want to know the gender. I don't want to waste a ton of time picking out girl names, if I'm carrying a little boy, ya know? (although we technically have the girl's name we picked during my 1st pregnancy. Not sure if we'd still use it though).

    Good for you for trying to be good and exercising! Have you tried out that sparkpeople.com website (the pregnant version, I forget what it's called)? You can track your food intake and it tells you approx. how many calories you are consuming (and I think how many you SHOULD be consuming, etc). I've been bad but it's not all my fault. When I was sick the only thing that appealed was carbs. And now? I still just don't have much interest in veggies. I have to FORCE myself to eat veggies and fruit, and yet I keep reaching for junk food. ACK!

  5. Hi Kandi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! The pumkin spice latte is delicious! I would love to have you over for coffee. Also, if you wouldn't mind go over to my site and tell me about how you got your adorable name! Hope you are feeling well. 🙂

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