I’m only 2 months late

Howdy for those still reading (hi Mother in Law!)

So I’m only 2 months late in posting about my newest family addition.  What’s wrong with that?  Oh second child syndrome here I come!

Here’s the details in case your not friends with me in real life or on facebook and still need to be caught up. 

I had a BOY.  I mean of course I did.  You saw that coming didn’t you?  God likes to play practical jokes on people.  He has a great sense of humor.  Luckily he’s cute so I’ll keep him.  That is until he steals our car for a joy ride and breaks something and winds up in the emergency room.  Then I officially take no claim over the boy.  He then becomes his daddy’s kid.  😉

Blake Andrew
  January 29, 2011
7 pounds 10 ounces
20 inches

 First time holding Blake
 Hi buddy!
 Baby NippleGate
 First family shot getting into the car to go home
(I brought a pink shirt exactly like the one I’m wearing to the hospital so that I was prepared either way!)
 One month 
Big Sister Bradyn and baby brother Blake meeting for the very first time
Well now that I am coming up for air (and my dear sweet husband allowed me to get a cleaning crew in here twice a month), I feel like I have more time to devote to my poor abandoned blog and blogging friends.  Believe me I have lots more to say and more pictures to show off.  Because I’m that kind of annoying mommy blogger.

2 thoughts on “I’m only 2 months late

  1. I already oooh and aaah over his pics on FB, but Gosh! He is so cute!

    And I had to laugh about the whole..until he steals your car, breaks a limb thing…I totally did all of those things! My parents tell me I totally have it coming the more rambunctious Jack gets! Yikes!

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