Sunday fun day

This weekend I decided to drop on downtown and peruse the antique store.  I have usually been able to score a fun deal every time I’ve come.  This day was no exception.  Here were the winners!


For $32 I snagged this porch plant holder.  It was the very first thing I saw when I approached the store.  It was outside just begging to be brought home with me!  I plan on shabby-chic’ing it up, so watch out for that in an upcoming post.


Next thing I found was the vintage watering can (the one on the right).  I scooped up this deal for $8.  There were several others at the store that had the added sprinkler head which really added on the dollars.  Those generally went for $29.  Considering I was merely using it to hold my flowers, it didn’t make *cents* to pay the extra expense.  I bought the bucket (the one on the left) last fall from the same store for a mere $5.  These two will make a perfect colorful vintage statement on my porch.


And now to the final piece!  At $22 this cow pitcher just had to come home with me!  Folks, I have a 100 cow dairy farm next door!!!  Seriously, how could I not bring this gem home to call my kitchen theirs?  Considering that I am accenting my kitchen with white and whimsical, this cow was meant to be.

I realize that I might have been able to score a better deal, but then again perhaps not.  The employee at this particular shop said that the items were all sold from various vendors, therefore I wasn’t able to bargain.  Not that I’m good at that anyway.  Seriously, I’m horrible.

Any fun finds from your local flea markets, antique stores or random yard sales?  If so, tell me about it!


2 thoughts on “Sunday fun day

    • Thanks! I’ll be checking out your blog because I suspect you might have some good tips on how I can improve this cart. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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