Father’s Day

So its no secret that we have a lot of kids.  Well that couldn’t have happened without a daddy.  And my baby’s daddy is quite the catch.

He is a man who follows Christ.  He he truly exemplifies a Godly father and husband.

He is a teacher in our home, encouraging our kids to participate alongside him in life.


He enjoys the little things like our baby’s smile



He takes time out to marvel at the mundane things in life like the garbage truck pick up



He’s willing to be goofy while on duty



He’s able to savor the precious moments





He fills their young minds with goodness and love



He gives them the push they need in life


He carries the heavy burden of family on his broad shoulders with a smile



He inspires new family traditions (yum smore’s!)



He’s right there during the highs and lows



Even while sleeping on the job, he’s the best



And he demonstrates that the best way to be a good dad is to love their momma.  Even if she is slightly insane. 



Happy Father’s day Music Man.  I love you.


2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. What a precious tribute – you’re a treasure “Music Man!” Thank you for being such an awesome dad and for loving my BFF the way you do!!!

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