Daddy toys

Boys will be boys.  Little boys like toys and big boys like toys.  Its not too different except for the size.

You see we have quite the field to take care of and some of it has been over run with thistles (spiky weeds).  Here the kids are running thru the weeds (although these aren’t the spiky ones), just to give you an example of the size.



Instead of trying to tackle it with our riding lawn mower, Music Man decided to call in the big dogs.  He called our dairy farming friends to see if he could borrow one of their professional tractors.  They amazingly said yes.  


This thing is no joke.  Last year when we “borrowed” the tractor to help with the thistles, the tractor came with a driver, the farmers son JJ.  This time however, they must have seen the gleam in Music Man’s eyes because they surprisingly let him drive this beast. (or perhaps they were just too busy doing their own work to be bothered with our measly lawn)


Can you spot his size 5 year old at christmas sized grin???  He was in heaven.

Driver’s viewpoint in the front



And from the back


This thing is massive!





Not quite sure I have ever seen him so happy.  Best part?  We can actually walk in our yard!  Thanks for the hard work sweetie!  It’s nice to have friends. 


One thought on “Daddy toys

  1. Enjoying your blog! Love your writing style–gives a good picture of your varied experiences on the farm. I have seen the little boy grin you talk about with Music Man. And the kids truly are enjoying their barefoot, carefree time. Their grandparents surely enjoy how you all enjoy your time, too.

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