When in Rome…

Splitting my time between 2 states makes for very interesting sports mania.  Oh who am I kidding?  There is no mania.  I don’t watch ANY professional or college sports.  But other people do and expect you to do so as well.  So I might as well make some sort of effort.

So after much consideration (like 5 minutes) here is a list of teams that I will root for.  And by root for, I mean I will get excited if they win a big trophy.

HockeyLA Kings  (Hello, did you see the size of that Stanley Cup… that we won again?!)

BasketballLA Lakers  (yes I realize the irony considering they used to play for Minnesota)

BaseballSt. Louis Cardinals  (I should also mention that my dad grew up in baseball town and if you dare to walk out of your home without your cardinal red on, well you take your own risks my friend.)

FootballVikings  (somebody’s got to root for the underdog)

I put Mr. Sunshine in an approved team pj’s


Although I gotta be honest.  Every time I see those colors I immediately think Lakers baby.


He looks cute no matter what the faux jersey he is wearing.


2 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Of all MN teams to root for, you chose the vikings. Absolutely crazy. Of course our whole family cheers for the vikings, but continually wonder why. Welcome to the painful club! About your other choices, yeah, Kings is an obvious one, though the Wild were awesome this year. I am SO anti-Lakers and pro-T-wolves (Ricky Rubio), and while I understand your choice in the St. Louis Cardinals, need I mention the Twins beat them in the 1987 world series? Just sayin’.

    • I totally hear you about the Twins. I would have put them on the list, however ever since I knew what baseball was I was a Cardinal fan via family osmosis. And hey, they at least went to the World Series last year. That’s gotta count right?

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