Pipe Dream

Recently I’ve been consumed with thoughts of WHAT IF…..

WHAT IF ….  We only lived in Minnesota.

WHAT IF …. We lived debt free.

WHAT IF …. We didn’t have to work, except to pay a couple of bills

Here’s the thing.  If we were to sell our home in California, we could put all of that money into our home in Minnesota and OWN OUR HOME.  And I don’t mean, oh yes I’ll check the box that says “I own my home” vs “Rent”.  No, I mean ZERO MORTGAGE PAYMENTS.  What would our lives be like then?!?!

The stress of a full-time job would be off the table.  I could *potentially* have more time with my husband and children.  We could grow our own fresh food that we could can and eat for the entire year.  We could build a green house and grow even more food that doesn’t normally grow in our zone.

My kids would learn country living skills that you just can’t quite learn in the suburbs.  They would learn what seasons really mean.  They would learn to appreciate the outdoors instead of take it for granted.

We could have chickens and eat fresh farm eggs!  We could raise some to humanely eat later.  We could have a horse or two and could actually use that horse shed that is on the property.

But then reality sets in….

Then I wouldn’t see my family.

I wouldn’t see my friends.

I wouldn’t learn the truth and word of God with my beloved church family.

Music Man would still have to travel sometimes to make some money, which means there would be days and nights where daddy wouldn’t be home.  It would be me and 4 young children alone.  I hate those days/nights.

Homeschooling in Minnesota means more regulation and tests with the government.  There are fewer opportunities for my kids to socialize in a small town.  I certainly don’t want to ostracize my kids from the world.

Winters in Minnesota.  6 months out of the year in SNOW.  Holy cow, I’m not sure I can honestly do that.

So for now we are still going to live our double lives.  But man a girl can dream about living DEBT FREE.  One day my friends, one day.

2 thoughts on “Pipe Dream

  1. Do it! Do it! Do it!
    You have family, friends, and God in MN, too. Though I’d never want to lose my California lodging…. because it’s totally my decision. Haha.

    • Haha your funny. Well rest assured if the whole country collapses, we would land where we can grow our own food. Here.

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