Summer surgery

There are few moments when you realize that you are completely and totally out of control.  Granted, being in control is a total farce, but we sure like to believe the lie don’t we?  Well I had the opportunity this week to submit any ounce of control into a surgeons hands while he took care of a birth defect in my son, Little Rascal.

It is in these precious moments when I can really see God’s mighty hand at work.  It is one thing to utter a simple “oh God’s in control!” when you act as though it is you plainly in charge.  When tragedy strikes or you are forced to give your baby over to someone else, you are forced to recognize that it truly is the Lord who is in control and who loves you and your children, even more than you do.

These are the moments that are a true act of faith.


Here is daddy and Little Rascal touching the stars for them to make animal sounds!  I really appreciated the amazing amount of effort to help kids who are sick at this hospital.  We could not have asked for better.


Here he is getting his blood pressure checked.


LR is getting prepped for the big occasion, but before the doctor is ready a volunteer brought in the tractor toy which LR LOVED.  he immediately went for it and everybody in the room laughed.  In fact he had to hold it while he was put in the surgery room, while the nurse asked “um, isn’t there something a little more cuddly you want to take little guy?”.  Luckily momma brought his special sleepy tiger, but Little Rascal thought it best to bring BOTH toys.


I was pretty grateful that they let me come into the room with him until he went under with anesthesia.  This shot was BEFORE he had any sleepy medicine.  It was just an unfortunate selfie for LR.


After surgery pouty face.  Daddy was a lucky dad who got to hold his sleepy son while he slept for another hour while the nurses kept checking in on him.


Here is his incision.  Good thing boys think scars are cool.  *pictured on day 2* *sorry for the shadow, its hard to capture a moving target*


Chowing down a bunch of toast after a full day of no eating.  By the time we got home he was ready to run around with his big brother and big sister, although a bit tipsy, he was still happy to be up and around.

Prayers were certainly answered.  Little Rascal was as good as gold for such a big day.

God is good all the time.  All the time God is good.


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