Making applesauce

After canning cucumbers and corn we turned our eyes to apples.  Our trees are actually starting to produce so we decided to make a jump on it while we could and make a couple of bags of applesauce.

First you have to have a cutie pie helper to pick apples off the tree





*that soft focus is due to the extreme humidity.  Unpleasant yes, but it makes for fun pictures!*



Because it was just the beginning of the season for our apples (still unsure about exactly which kind they are since it was the previous owners who planted them), we decided to use our regular pot to cook up the apples.


I agree Mini Man, I’m worried about those apples boiling over too (which they did).


I think Mini Man is actually investigating the corn in our big ole pressure cooker.


Our big pot of cinnamon applesauce!  This made 20 cups of cinnamon-y apple-y goodness.  Yum.


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