A is for Apple

We decided to mix things in honor of “fall” starting.  Instead of studying S for Sun, we will be starting with A for Apple  I say “fall” because we are just pretending here.  The temperature is nearing the center of a volcano.  Triple digits while the rest of the country is cozying up with their adorable scarves and pumpkin lattes.  Why yes, yes I’m jealous, why do you ask?

To get out of our heat-stroke funk, we headed down south for some apple picking.  We started off with our annual mini apple donut tradition.  Amazing as always.




Even the baby got a taste (while mommy wasn’t looking)


We found ourselves on a day where another school came for a field trip so we jumped on board on the learning train


The lovely lady who showed us how to make apple cider the old fashioned way.  Yummy!



We wound up befriending someone who we think was the owner (we know for sure she and her daughter work there and she lives on the property).  We felt like we got the special treatment.  It pays to married to someone who honestly loves old ladies (and old men too), because “they know stuff!”  Good for me, since one day I too will be an old lady.


Mr. Sunshine had a great time too.


Here’s the gang ‘surfing’ to go find our 2 bushels of apples to soon make our applesauce.  Guess that California blood runs deep.


I love that we got a full family day and could count it as legitimate school.  A great and yummy day indeed.

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