Double the birthday cake

We were blessed to be invited to another birthday party recently, this time it was for my sweet little niece.  She turned 7 and since she is 1/2 Filipino, it is customary to have a big celebration of this particular milestone.  She had her party at the Science Museum which was a great field trip.  Counts as school right?  Right???  lol


Here is daddy and Ariel checking out how high you can project a tennis ball.


It soars in the air!



Here is Miss Ariel pulling a giant lever


PULL baby girl!


Next we played with wheels to see how fast they go




But the real treat was the ‘special guest’ Elsa who took pictures with each and every one of the kids who wanted to, told the Frozen story, and even sang the hit song Let It Go (which was highly impressive given that she was accompanied by a measly cd player and surrounded by a pleather a of professional musicians).  She did a lovely job.

Grandpa Music Man’s birthday was just 2 days later, so we all piled into my brother in laws house and took over for a lovely family dinner and celebration.

Happy Birthday just got bumped up a notch with an entire family of musicians.




Hello…. there’s a violin involved!


My man….  *swoon*


And the birthday boy himself… taking a picture of his own cake.

Family time is always so sweet and this was a lovely time.


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