California boy fun

*Warning to sensitive vegetarians.  This post contains graphic words about eating animals*

Out here on the west coast we are lucky to be near the ocean.  And you know what lives in the ocean?


My guy likes to hang out with his buddies and go lobster fishing in the dead of night.  They leave around dinner time and don’t come home until 4 (ish) in the morning.  Its a brutal time frame, but that’s when the biting is good for these creepy creatures of the sea.


This particular catch was one of the BIGGEST lobsters I HAVE EVER SEEN.  It was amazing!


Here’s the fisherman in his natural habitat.


Looks like they caught their limit!  *7 a person*


Oh and a baby SHARK.  No no no he did not keep it!


Here’s the loot at home.  The kids are always curious to see the still-alive lobsters.


They are listening to see if they can hear them breathing.  Or at least scratching the side of the cooler.  Which is totally bizarre and creepy actually.


Music Man has to keep them alive until he is ready to kill them (cuts off their heads and hands) and freeze the tails.

This is an activity I fully support.  Fill up my freezer with lots of yummy lobster?  Don’t mind if you do.  😉


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