Little Rascal turns 3

This past Sunday we had the privilege of celebrating our 3rd child for his 3rd birthday.  We kept it pretty simple with just our family and his favorite uncle and aunt to come and wish him a happy birthday.


(one of the few pictures I have with him not crying)

We served steak, salad (or as Little Rascal likes to say ‘leaves’), french fries and watermelon.  We also decided to forgo the traditional cake route and went with the who-could-resist brownie sundae with sprinkles on top.  We tried really hard to hit up foods that the birthday boy would enjoy.  And he did.  Mostly.  Once he got a sight line to the watermelon, it was all over.  He didn’t want to touch anything else.  I wasn’t going to push him on his terrible eating habits on his birthday.  Frankly I was just happy that he was excited to eat.


He then got to open up a few gifts from the special people in his life.  Little Rascal received a cool Farm bingo game, a lights and sounds tow truck, a dump truck shirt, and three truck related books.  But his favorite gift was the gift that mom and dad, who got him a giant garbage truck with 2 trash cans as accessories.  I wish I was smart enough to video him while he opened up his gifts, because if I had I would have had the best could-have-gone-viral reaction when he practically jumped out of his skin with 2 fists in the air and yelled “GARBAGE TRUCK!”  I loved it!!!!


The joys of being an older sibling is that you have first dibs to all of the gifts….. or so they think.

My only bummer of the day was forgetting to account for transition time from gift opening to eating dessert.  Meltdown was enievetable.  You’d think with this being my 3rd kid that I would know a few things, but even this old momma needs to learn a few tricks.


The best we could get considering he mostly cried.  Well as the song goes “its [his] party and he’ll cry if he wants too… cry if he wants too…. cry if he wants too”

This beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed, boy keeps me on my knees in prayer, in stitches laughing and amazed at his tenderness and bravery.  I love you little guy and am blessed to be your mommy.

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