Fun finds that I had forgotten

Coming to a different place to dwell for months at a time can be challenging, but it can also reawaken your passions or loves.  Since we acquired this farm house, I have had loads of fun finding unique finds to fill it up with.  Granted, not everything is antique or unusual, many things are new and practical, but my favorites are my vintage treasures.

Last winter, while shopping downtown at the local antique dive, my cousin and I found this gem.


Now I gotta admit, I’m definitely more of a Coke girl myself, but this old fashioned ice box with the perfect blue was just yelling my name, and it was only $65!.  It currently resides on one of our porches just waiting to be used.

I didn’t have to leave my kitchen before re-discovering another fun find that I acquired late last summer.


Totally cheesy I know.  But seriously, how can you pass up a Cow/Pig/Chicken cookie jar combo?!  Answer: You can’t.  Now I’ll be looking forward to my handy hubby to put a couple of open shelves in the kitchen to display my quirky ceramic finds.

In just a few short weeks, I’ll be antsy to get into the furniture chalk painting workshop to make over several other thrift shop finds that are just begging to be re-done.  Awh, summer will be fun.

On the other side

Well its been pretty obvious that I’ve been missing from here.  I have plenty of good reasons though!  Have you ever tried packing up your life to spend an entire summer elsewhere with 4 children with one on the way?  Yah.  Me either.  It ain’t easy.  But luckily most of stuff is on the other side, besides the kids clothes, so that makes things much easier.

My days have been over flowing with stuff to do and people to see.  Its been a wonderful send off and I truly cherished every friend we saw before we trekked our family into our country paradise.  And now that we are here, things have turned quite upside down.  Besides a night with the in laws and a dinner with friends, its been down right boring around here.  Oh sure, Music Man sure knows how to fill his days with tending to all the chores in the outdoors, but I find myself with not much to do.

It’s weird.

I did however decide to embark on ‘living off the land’ so-to-speak and decided to try my hand at making a rhubarb dessert with our overgrowing field of rhubarb.

Blake rhubarb

Here is mini man with one stalk of our rhubarb picking.  Holy smokes Batman!  That thing was ginormous!  I made a rhubarb crisp which was more time consuming than I like, but it was well received.  I gotta admit, despite the valiant effort to disguise the tartness with mounds of sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon…. I still wasn’t much of a fan.  I haven’t given up it up completely however.  I think the next time I’ll be trying my hand at a familiar rhubarb/strawberry concoction.  I’ll let you know how it goes.