Pony Perks

Coming home to Minnesota has had its own perks this summer.  Recently we have been enjoying our neighbors ponies, who have taken up temporary residence on our property.

Ben touching pony

All of the kids, including us big kids parents, have loved being near these majestic creatures.  Here is our littlest one learning the art of being gentle.

Blake petting pony

Mini Man is attempting to pet this gigantic pet over the hardly working electric fence.

Brian and pony

I loved watching each of the kids relating to these unknown animals.  The ponies quickly ate thru our patch of grass where they were penned up.  A couple of days we all wound up spending nearly 2 hours picking grass and each of the kids were helping to feed the ponies.  They were in heaven!  I was amazed how they each picked the pony that they liked best and stuck with only feeding that particular pony.  I kept wondering what it was about their pony that made my kid decide to take sides.  Oh to be in the minds of a child!

bradyn in the barn with horse

Little Miss Ariel had me cracking up the most with her fearless attitude.  We often had to tell her that it isn’t a smart idea to get under the fence and just start hanging out with these 5-times-bigger-than-her animals.  Her dad and I were concerned, but apparently she was not.  Here she is getting to know each and every one of the horse gear that was left behind in the shed from the previous owners.  Ariel just loved shouting “WHAT’S THIS MOMMY?!”.  I was just grateful for these laid back ponies who didn’t seem to mind the loud ruckus she was making.  Perhaps this girl is a cowgirl in the making.

Jeff helping pony

Now just because these guys were laid back, didn’t mean that one of them didn’t get into trouble.  Often.  This vanilla colored beauty decided that electric fence or not, he was going to go onto the other side to greener pastures.  Literally.  Poor little guy was starving.  We had to call the owners to let them know of their houdini escape artist.  To make due with a bad situation, he had to tie up the pony to tree until he could get some hay for this desperate pony.  Unfortunately, during the hay wait, the pony would get itself all tangled up, so Music Man had to come to the rescue.  It was such a sweet and tender moment between human and animal that us city folk rarely get to see.

Too bad the ponies had to go to their permanent home in North Dakota where they can graze all they want and hang out with their fellow pony friends.  I’m still crossing my fingers that the owners will stay true to their word and bring back child friendly ponies or horses for us to get to know this summer.  I don’t know who is more excited about the opportunity to learn more about the animals, me or the kids!


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