Spring Recap

As I’m going thru my photos, I have realized there was so much that we have done that I haven’t had a time to share with all of you (and by all I mean one.  Hi mother in law!).  So I thought I’d give you a quick recap this week of some fun things that we had done this past spring before I launch into what we are currently doing this summer.

One of my favorite days was the day we took the kids to the beach.  This was Mr. Sunshine’s first time and if he could talk I’m pretty sure he would yell “This is the best day of my life!!!!”  His joy was contagious.

Ben at the beach

Ben's wrinkly foot

I can’t tell you how excited this little boy is to play in the water.  I mean check out that wrinkly foot?!  He loves the water!

Now for my SPD kid, the beach can be a bit of a challenge.  Check out those hands!  He may have a hard time touching the wet sand, but he is still determined to have a good time.  I was so proud.

Brian at the beach

Some of us decided to fully embrace the sandiness on the beach side.

Blake in the sand at the beach

While others couldn’t get enough of the bitterly cold Pacific Ocean.

Bradyn in the ocean

All in all, this has become one of my favorite family memories.

4 kids at the beach

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