1st field trip!

We are already starting out with a bang here at Mommy on the Mic Academy (I have no idea what to name our school so for now it will be unceremoniously called blog title academy)  The lovely thing about starting school during the summer is that we can go to popular field trip destinations without having the hassle of competing with other school groups.  Plus, nature is looking its best during the summer months, so we decided to take advantage and hit up a local national park that just happens to be just minutes from our house.  Score!

Since we can count outings like this as school, we made sure to bring a few necessary items like kid binoculars, pencils, colored pencils, drawing paper, bird book, magnifying glasses, and our science catchers (egg cartons that Miss Ariel and Mini Man decorated in order to bring home a few found treasures).  Now since daddy was carrying a heavy baby, mommy wound up carrying all of these said items, and its worth noting that I will not be bringing all of these items next time!  It got heavy for this 6 month pregnant momma!  I would however put the binoculars, pencils and drawing paper in a backpack that one of the kids could wear.  Much better plan….

daddy holding Brian's hand at N Park

We are off down the hiking trail…

Nerstrand park leaf teaching

Here is daddy discussing what type of leaves we are discovering on our walk.  He is a wealth of knowledge!

3 kids at the waterfall

We made it to our destination, a waterfall!

Blake at N Park

Obviously this is a perfect opportunity to try your hand at skipping stones.

Ben and daddy at N Park

Oh how he wished to get into the water!

Bradyn and bird book at N Park

We brought along daddy’s childhood bird book.  It was quite helpful in determining what types of birds were around us.  Miss Ariel was more engaged in this activity then I was expecting.

Bradyn's bird drawing

Here is one of her drawings of one of the birds she discovered on our outing.  She was able to draw 3 birds while we were enjoying the scenery!  I was excited to put these in her fresh science/nature journal.

family at Nerstrand Park

All of us!  Can I just say how difficult it is to get us all looking at the camera with smiles on our faces?!  Yah… so this was our best one.  Good enough!


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