Solo date

Recently I told you about my low key, kept it super casual anniversary date with my hubby.  Well I also took myself out on a date a short while ago.  And it was AMAZING.

For Christmas my in laws gave me a gift certificate to participate in a furniture painting workshop.  Ever since we bought this hobby farm, I have fully embraced the shabby chic, rustic decor trend and my inner artist was just itching to get out and make some fun decor pieces.  However, I really have no experience with this kind of painting and needed some lessons.  This workshop was a perfect gift!  Only glitch was that it is an hour and a half drive away from our home here.  I tried inviting friends who I thought might be interested, but they were busy.  I invited my husband thinking we could make it a fun date night, but unfortunately we had some out of town guests who of course needed a host.  Eventually I realized that I would just be going solo.

And then I really got excited.

The thing is I so rarely get any moment away from my role as a parent (re: personal assistant to very vocal and needy tiny people), so any time off is a treasured gift.  I also fancy myself a singer and I ALWAYS use the car as my rehearsal space if I am alone in any capacity.  So an hour and a half drive sounded like bonus reward with my Christmas present.  Another perk?  Hitting up the local coffee shop that has one of my favorite blended coffees.

Kandi sipping an Anoka mocha

I enjoyed every last sip of that drink, lemme tell ya!  Calories do not count on a self date!


And I couldn’t help but be amused at this quirky and totally-fit-for-the-area tip jar this was.

I made sure to arrive hours ahead of the scheduled workshop in order to peruse the antique shops that were open and do a little shopping as well as have a quick bite to eat.  You know, the kind that I didn’t have to cook and could eat while it was still warm.  So basically a perfect afternoon.

I went solo into my workshop and throughly enjoyed my creative outlet among other enthusiastic women and came home with several new techniques and decorating books to further my interest in distressed painting.  I had such a wonderful time getting recharged in my spirit that I am already planning to go to the next level workshop so I can have the same experience again.

I highly recommend that every mommy or daddy find a hobby and allow themselves and their spouses a little time away from their parental duties as well as their spousal commitments in order to renew their spirit and re-energize as an autonomous person.

Because everybody deserves a re-charge.  I can’t wait until my next one!

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