Meet the (Family) Band

Hi there!

Welcome to my humble internet abode.

I’m Mommy on the Mic (MOM).  I’m a daughter of the King, wife to Music Man and mommy to 4 adorable munchkins.   I also am a coffee frappaccino lover, shabby chic devotee and homeschooling newbie.  There’s also a chance I may or may not be having an affair with my kindle.


Music Man and I live an eclectic life.  He works in Hollywood, making and creating music.  We met making a song he was writing and asked me to sing for his project.  You could say that was the beginning of our love song (cheesy yes, but it had to be said.)


Here he is in his happy place.  His literal happy place.  This was taken on a fishing trip to Alaska.  He really is a Renaissance man.   I love the irony of his “serious face” in his favorite place in the whole world.  Men are weird.

Our oldest daughter, Ariel, is 4 1/2 years old and she is spunky, funny, bossy a leader, and super social.  She loves the water, loves to sing and Ariel the mermaid is her favorite princess, hence the name.  She is truly a light in our family.


Next we had Mini Music Man, who is 3 years old.  He is a near clone of his daddy except for the color of his eyes which he got from me.  If it weren’t for that I would have suspected that Music Man simply went to the lab and had himself cloned.  Mini Man is introverted, sensitive, kind and already showing signs of being musically gifted.  I never knew how sweet boys could be until I met this little love bug.


Number 3, Little Rascal, adds quite the fireworks to our family dynamic.  He is only 2 but fills the room with his big personality.  He loves his special “night night” tiger, but doesn’t love food.  I suspect he has sensory perception disorder.  Little Rascal has mischief in his eyes and love in his heart.  He loves books like nobody’s business, cars, cows, trucks and tractors.


And now we have another little darling boy, Mr. Sunshine, who is only 5 months old.  He already has me wrapped around his sweet chubby fingers.  I’ve had the pleasure of having 3 good babies (are you surprised Little Rascal wasn’t quite the angelic baby?), but Mr. Sunshine really takes the cake in the ‘perfect baby’ category.  He rarely cries, eats fast, and smiles constantly.  What’s not to love?




3 thoughts on “Meet the (Family) Band

  1. Gosh, we miss your family SO much! Maybe I should blog about life in the woods on a mountain! LOL At least we can keep up with you, the man, and the kiddos. Love you!

    • YES! I would love to hear about your adventures in the woods with your awesome worship team. Do it Jane! And we miss you so much too!!!

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