lucky winner–me!

Apparently I am on a winning streak. 

Last week I was informed that I had won a $100 gift certificate to babies r us.  My first thought was “yah right”.  But low and behold, a few days later, it arrives on my doorstep!  This really couldn’t have come at a better time because I have one baby shower and 3 kids birthday parties that we will be attending this month.  That’s a lot of presents!  So basically all of my friends really are getting stuff for free. 

So how did I win you ask?  I somehow got my name involved in a consumer report type of business directly interested in mommy stuff, or rather baby stuff.  I simply filled out a quick online survey about pack and plays and *BAM* I became $100 richer.  I actually won the raffle.

Now last night I opened up some mail and discovered that I had won again!  This time however I won a pretty awesome cheese grater and several gourmet bags of hot cocoa.  And really, who doesn’t love hot cocoa?  Most people only won one or the other, but not me!  I won both!

But that’s not even the coolest part.  This cooking club said that they were giving out selected memberships to their club.  Normally I would totally pass at this “incredible offer”.  However, in the fine print my membership fee is literally $1 a month.  Well now I’m intrigued.  What goes on in this cooking club?  Well many cooking utensil manufactures are giving away their products to be tested in regular people’s kitchens just to see if they like it.  Best part?  I get to keep ALL of the freebies they send me just to try. 

Do I like bread?  What carb lover doesn’t?  Well they could send me a bread making machine. 
How about a free selection of spices?
Or a free set of utensils?


With all this winning in my life right now I think I need to book a trip to vegas.  Maybe I should check my email first to see if I have won a free flight or hotel room.