a better mood

It has been quite the ride this year.  I feel like I have literally been sick all.freak’n.year.  This time the plague had a name.  It’s name is bronchitis.  First it hit my baby girl like a rock to the head.  She got hit hard.  But once memorial weekend came her body began to do an uphill climb and I finally was able to see my normal sweet girl that I love.  She was finally getting better.  What a number this did to my heart!

And of course, I couldn’t go without catching her sickness.  Its impossible when you are literally wiping her snotty nose and she has an affinity of coughing right into your face.  But man have I been down for the count!  Drained, sleep deprived, barely able to catch a breath, and generally in a bad mood.  And even though I still have a cough and can’t quite take a deep breath without trouble, I am much better and therefore in a better mood.

And something else has put me in a terrific mood.  Some missionaries at our church are about to venture to Thailand for a while (several years they are expecting) and one of their goals is to reach the women of Thailand.  Specifically the young ladies who are forced into prostitution due to the cultural demands that they support their entire families.  One of the ways they are trying to help is creating jobs for these ladies as alternatives to this degrading and deplorable occupation.  They are partnering up with a jewelry designer and have created a beautiful necklace that they are currently giving away.

Go to Bel Kai Designs and simply make a comment to be entered to win this beautiful and meaningful necklace.  Please leave a comment here letting me know that you entered!

Image of Fear to Freedom Necklace

Update:  I forgot to mention that if you want to simply purchase this “good cause” jewelry, go HERE.  It’s selling at a reasonable price of $36.

Nerves or Sick?

Well this past week has been a non stop ride of rehearsals, snot, crying, and coughing. 

My daughter somehow caught yet another cold and was only too happy to give it to me by sticking her gross wet snotty fingers directly into my mouth.  Great timing since I have a Broadway Review show that I am in this weekend.  Of course, as most performers know, your immune system has usually taken a dump right before the trip fantastic usually due to nerves.  Well at least mine does.

Just Great.

In this show I have one of the most challenging songs where I am belting it out practically the whole time.  Normally, this is fine, my speciality really.  But now?  Ugh.  All I can think about is crawling back into my nice and cozy bed.

At least I’m not in this alone.  My sweet sick daughter is miserable too, unfortunately, but dang nabbit, she sure is a trooper. 

I love her…..  ❤

I’ll try and get my sweet hubby to videotape my performance this weekend to share with you all.