I miss…. something

Today by a random turn of events I was able to spend quality time with a very good friend of mine.  At first I panicked because my house wasn’t nearly as clean as I was hoping, but like a good friend does, she didn’t mind.

We talked.  We laughed….. and laughed….. and laughed….. and laughed some more.

She didn’t care about my dirty floors, my messy table or that there were dirty dishes that needed to be done.

All she and I cared about was catching up.

This was such a huge lift in my spirits.  I could finally relax.

If you have been reading recently (and really who has?), then you might get the sense that I’m having a difficult time right now.  I’m really not, its just that I’m missing my friends who simply “get me”.  I’m missing the joy that comes with friends who understand you better than you do in a way that’s different than your husband.

When you get married, things change.  That’s a fact.  It’s neither good nor bad, its just different, and that’s ok.  Your single friends don’t quite get it, and your married friends are too busy hanging with their hubby and children.  But sometimes you need to get with a girlfriend and let it all hang out.

Those are the times I miss the most.

And today I got a glimmer into the “old me” and I remembered that I really like her.

lucky winner–me!

Apparently I am on a winning streak. 

Last week I was informed that I had won a $100 gift certificate to babies r us.  My first thought was “yah right”.  But low and behold, a few days later, it arrives on my doorstep!  This really couldn’t have come at a better time because I have one baby shower and 3 kids birthday parties that we will be attending this month.  That’s a lot of presents!  So basically all of my friends really are getting stuff for free. 

So how did I win you ask?  I somehow got my name involved in a consumer report type of business directly interested in mommy stuff, or rather baby stuff.  I simply filled out a quick online survey about pack and plays and *BAM* I became $100 richer.  I actually won the raffle.

Now last night I opened up some mail and discovered that I had won again!  This time however I won a pretty awesome cheese grater and several gourmet bags of hot cocoa.  And really, who doesn’t love hot cocoa?  Most people only won one or the other, but not me!  I won both!

But that’s not even the coolest part.  This cooking club said that they were giving out selected memberships to their club.  Normally I would totally pass at this “incredible offer”.  However, in the fine print my membership fee is literally $1 a month.  Well now I’m intrigued.  What goes on in this cooking club?  Well many cooking utensil manufactures are giving away their products to be tested in regular people’s kitchens just to see if they like it.  Best part?  I get to keep ALL of the freebies they send me just to try. 

Do I like bread?  What carb lover doesn’t?  Well they could send me a bread making machine. 
How about a free selection of spices?
Or a free set of utensils?


With all this winning in my life right now I think I need to book a trip to vegas.  Maybe I should check my email first to see if I have won a free flight or hotel room.


I think that I just might have a problem. You see I like to buy things. But that seems pretty normal right? Sure. I like to buy cleaning products. That definitely seems normal. Most people like their house clean.

But once I purchase these cleaning products I was so overjoyed to buy, I don’t touch them for at least a week (or more).  

Take for example my Target run the other day, along with the As Seen On TV products, I actually was searching for one of these….

 Swiffer Sweep Vaccum Cleaner Kit - 2 Units

But I got stopped by the shiny pink item….

Swiffer 3 in 1 Sweeping Starter Kit +Duster +refills,Limited Pink Breast Cancer

I didn’t need it.  I shouldn’t have even seen it.  But it was PINK.  And it promised to rid my house of the many fur balls dancing in the wind throughout my kitchen. 

So of course I bought it and all of its sweet citrus smelling paraphernalia.  Devine.

Now several days have passed and I did not get what I want, haven’t opened my pink device and the dust balls still swirl among my feet.

And I came to realize something.

I just want my house to clean itself by osmosis.  I bring home the duster, the mop, the sweeper and the Clorox wipes, and darn it I expect things to be clean!  Not by personally dusting, mopping, sweeping or wiping mind you.  I just expect to bring these things home and they will magically do as they promised on the package and *poof* my house will become a warm, cozy and clean home. 

Then another thought occurred to me.  All these products promise to make your house as shiny as a brand new car for that spoiled rotten teenager.  But it never says that you have to actually work in order for this to happen.

I’m suing for false advertisement.

As Seen On TV

Today I went to a lovely place that you might have heard of. Its beautiful with its delicious popcorn perfume and passionate colored gigantic balls as decor.



I was able to introduce my baby girl to one of the happiest places on earth and this was her first time in the big girl chair (the cart). She loved it! It was so cute to see her enjoy all the sensations around her. Its really fun to watch her grow up and explore the world around her.

But back to Target.

I must confess that I only went in for a few things, as I’m sure we can all relate too. Somehow, I wound up with A TON more than I really needed. Among my whimsical purchases?

As Seen On TV Products.

I’m ashamed to say I now own these products.

The Perfect Brownie Pan
Perfect Brownie Pan Set

The Belly Burner

So apparently when I devour my perfectly cooked brownies I can wear the belly burner so I can maintain my girlish figure. And by girlish I mean specifically this girl….

Nikki Bonsky as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray movie

Perhaps there are some zero calorie brownie recipes out there?

Nerves or Sick?

Well this past week has been a non stop ride of rehearsals, snot, crying, and coughing. 

My daughter somehow caught yet another cold and was only too happy to give it to me by sticking her gross wet snotty fingers directly into my mouth.  Great timing since I have a Broadway Review show that I am in this weekend.  Of course, as most performers know, your immune system has usually taken a dump right before the trip fantastic usually due to nerves.  Well at least mine does.

Just Great.

In this show I have one of the most challenging songs where I am belting it out practically the whole time.  Normally, this is fine, my speciality really.  But now?  Ugh.  All I can think about is crawling back into my nice and cozy bed.

At least I’m not in this alone.  My sweet sick daughter is miserable too, unfortunately, but dang nabbit, she sure is a trooper. 

I love her…..  ❤

I’ll try and get my sweet hubby to videotape my performance this weekend to share with you all.

My fingers feel rusty.  Its been a while since I’ve blogged. 

I used to go by a psuedo name, now I go by my real name.

I used to blog from wordpress, now I blog from blogspot.

I used to have 4 cats, now we have 2 because 2 of them are mortal enemies and they destroyed our home by peeing everywhere.

I used to be a newlywed stay at home wife, now I am a mother to an incredibly adorable 9 month old baby and I stay at home with her.

Well I’m not who I used to be but that’s ok with me. 


After a 9 month hiatus and blog hopping, I think I’ve finally found my home. 

Hopefully blogspot won’t disappoint me like it did the last time.

Here you will find my amusing stories of my precious baby daughter and my husband.  Its not rocket science, but who would want to read that anyway?