California bound (again)

So this past week has been nothing short of a whirlwind.  We went back to California for a wedding and made it a quick trip.  But not so quick that we didn’t have some to party it up like college kids because we were KIDS FREE.  It was such a rarity that we honestly didn’t even know what to do with ourselves.  Music man was nearly narcaleptic since the moment we got on the plane (understandable since we had only gotten a few hours of sleep), but I was like a sugar highed preschooler who had just inhaled her last m&m.  I was hyper and ready for FUN.  

By the time we had landed I was sober with a lot more of my book read and back to the land of reality sleepiness.  So after a nice breakfast with the Mother and Father of the Bride, who were kind enough to be our airport chauffeurs, we did what every parent dreams of.

We took a nap.  

In the middle of the day.

For as long as we could (which wasn’t very long due to my inner sugar addicted child screaming for big fun).

And it was GLORIOUS.

A parental dream come true for sure.

After we got the most important thing out of the way we decided to check out our measley fruit trees and discovered that there were some peaches ready and ripe to eat!



Since we had zero food in our fridge, these beauties became our breakfast for the next day.  

Now that we were rested and had nothing on the agenda we decided to live it up suburban style and go out to eat (where we could actually eat warm food) and see a movie that I had been waiting so patiently to see (Divergent).

We wound up eating our favorite cuisine, sushi.  It was heavenly.  Generous portions of amazing fish.  So good.  However, since it was an all you can eat situation, I decided to test my luck.  I thought “Hey things are going so well right now why don’t I screw it up?”  Ok so I didn’t actually think that.  What I actually thought was “Hey I’m going to be adventurous!”  Which of course was an awful mistake.

I ordered a quail egg shooter.  


As soon as I saw it I thought “NO NO NO NO”.

But I can’t back down now.


Down the hatch!  

I don’t recommend it.  *barf*

(please excuse the bad hair.  It looked cuter in person.  Or so I thought)

Main point?  We had a rare moment without kids, responsibility, or work.  Basically it was awesome.  


*Music man and I at our friends mountain top/golf course wedding*

Spas, Strawberries, and Sunday Celebrations

Well this weekend was jam packed with lots of fun for this family.

On Friday we decided that we would introduce our little loves-her-bath-time-baby to our spa! (Yah, we have a pool but the spa took less time to warm up).

Here we are right before jumping in. Gotta be matching in our pink swimsuits.

Looks like she’s enjoying herself. She almost didn’t even have a reaction. Her no reaction was as if to say “Well of course I’m in here chillin in the water. Its where I should have been relaxing the whole time”.

First time dippin in the spa. Oh and yah, we are that couple who eat and drink in the spa. Homemade guacamole…… mmmmmmmmm…..

Here is daddy tossing his baby girl. So cute (if I do say so myself).

On Saturday we did our annual trip to the Strawberry Festival.

Here’s how I spent it last year.

Totally pregnant and put to work.  And yes I was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, which just happened to be my dear sweet husbands most obnoxious favorite thing to say to me at the time.

Beginning the process of making homemade strawberry jam.  YUM.

Making a complete mess of our kitchen, but it was oh so worth it.

The final product.  Whew!
But this year we decided to keep it simple and just enjoy my favorite part of the day.

Strawberry Pizza!!!
And this year was also great because we could take our baby, who honestly had a good time.

That smile doesn’t lie.

But then she had enough….  but she was a trooper and let us check out all the fun arts and crafts.
THEN, we had a rude awakening when we ventured back and discovered this offending subject marinating in the hot box we call a car.

The sweet smell of strawberries was decidedly lowered because of this nasty creature we forgot to throw away.

And if that wasn’t enough in our fun filled weekend, it was also my sweetie’s birthday on Sunday!