What am I talking about?

Since we live an eclectic life, it only makes sense that my blog will be in the same vain.

I’m a brand new HOMESCHOOLER, so I’ll be sharing what and hows of our daily lives to inspire you and hopefully to get some awesome internet feedback on how to do it better.

We also LIVE IN TWO DIFFERENT STATES and sometimes it feels like two different worlds.  We primarily live in a sweet suburb on the outskirts of LaLa Land (HOLLYWOOD).  However, we also live in the RURAL area in the MIDWEST where sometimes the temperature falls so greatly that it kills recurring bugs and the souls of townspeople.  Luckily, we haven’t experienced that…. yet.  This native southern california girl is scared.  Really really scared to attempt living in the freezing cold white powder others call snow for an extended period of time.

Nonetheless, the time that we do spend out in the country is a fantastic adventure to my kids, and my husband has found a new happy place on the seat of his tractor.

I have found a new hobby in shopping and DECORATING our farm house.  I never knew antiquing could be so much fun!  SHABBY CHIC is my new favorite word.

I have also self diagnosed myself as a RECOVERING HOARDER.  Some times I’ll be talking about the why and the how I have felt the growing need to live with less stuff.

And in my former life (re: before I became a mother to a litter of beautiful children) I used to SING.  That’s why I’m Mommy on the Mic.  But you may call me KANDI.

Nice to meet you.


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