My hubby the celebrity

So if your my friend on facebook you know that I have been bragging on my husband the world’s most awesome pink guitar player.

My awesome hubby was on the hit show Bones.  He not only composed all of the guitar parts for the scenes during Booth and Bones trip to Fantasy Rock ‘n Roll Camp.

I’d like to say that this was his first time on prime time television, but then I’d be lying.  This was his second.  Geez, I didn’t know I married a staaaaar.  lol

Next thing you know we will be running away from the paparazzi and hitting all the hot celebrity spots.  HAHA!

But seriously, if you missed my darling’s moment in the spotlight, here is at least his time on the promo for the show.


Apparently blogspot no longer gives the option of adding videos.  Well I’m sure that they do, but on my dashboard it isn’t giving me the icon to upload a video.  Not sure why….. Anybody have any thoughts?

Glee Audition

It’s over.  It’s done.  It’s now officially outta my hands.

My GLEE audition.

I know for most of you, this all seems silly, but for me its life.  Sure, there were nearly 25 THOUSAND people who also auditioned.  But what if, what if, someone important in that show actually saw my tape and *gasp* loved it?!

I mean… what if?

My theory is that you have to at least throw your fabulous hat into the ring, of course by tossing it into the air with a gleeful smile (re: Mary Tyler Moore).

So without further adieu, single reader ladies and gentleman….

Here is my audition tape. 

This was my “monologue”.

And this was my actual song.




I have to:

Learn my new song

Make a new myspace account.   Apparently not using your account and email that is attached to said account is not helpful in this situation.  Why oh why can’t this be thru facebook???

Get to my voice teacher’s house for the recording

Upload awesome video

Nab a part in GLEE!

Wish me luck!

My fingers feel rusty.  Its been a while since I’ve blogged. 

I used to go by a psuedo name, now I go by my real name.

I used to blog from wordpress, now I blog from blogspot.

I used to have 4 cats, now we have 2 because 2 of them are mortal enemies and they destroyed our home by peeing everywhere.

I used to be a newlywed stay at home wife, now I am a mother to an incredibly adorable 9 month old baby and I stay at home with her.

Well I’m not who I used to be but that’s ok with me. 


After a 9 month hiatus and blog hopping, I think I’ve finally found my home. 

Hopefully blogspot won’t disappoint me like it did the last time.

Here you will find my amusing stories of my precious baby daughter and my husband.  Its not rocket science, but who would want to read that anyway?