A real gift

Recently Music Man and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.  We actually got a babysitter and went out for most of the day without children to celebrate our marriage.  We haven’t gotten a few hours off duty as parents in such a long time that we honestly didn’t even know what to do.  We had no game plan and no schedule, just hours to be ourselves and to be with one another enjoying the company.

We simply drove around our quaint little town and nearby areas and went exploring.  This is our 3rd summer here and we barely have scratched the surface as to what is out here.  There were many places closed due to the Sunday sabbath observance, but it didn’t stop our need to inspect what our town had to offer.  We discovered a near by lake that we plan on taking the children and visitors.  There was teeny tiny itty bitty town that didn’t even have stop light, but held a fantastic meat market that we wholly wished was open.  We ate at a local joint that many of our friends have recommended, but I had yet to try.  We had an ice cream cone that was out of this world.

No gifts.  No cards.  Nothing exchanged.  No fancy restaurants.  No fancy date.  Just good ole fashioned us time.

Quality time might just be my biggest love language and this was a special treat for me.

Happy 8 years hunny!

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