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New Family of 7

You might have noticed my absence here.  There has been a lot going on.  I won’t go into details because frankly there is so much that it makes my brain fuzzy.  But the biggest best-est thing that has happened is the arrival of our sweet baby girl.


Here I am getting ready for the big ordeal.  *Please excuse the swollen face and teary eyes.  I had already had a mini panic attack over what was about to happen.*  Baby girl was 4 days late and my doctor and I decided that it was best to get induced.  I was still hoping for a natural start, but since that didn’t happen, getting induced became the plan.

I have been through having my water break, to midnight contractions to ‘whoa this went down so fast that the doctor missed the birth’ to two inductions now, and I have to say the inductions have been by far my FAVORITE way to give birth.  Don’t get me wrong, its still scary and unpleasant, but its the least of these things when you have a wonderful doctor and staff of nurses and of course a steady hand of a husband all there to help you get through this special moment with the least amount of fear and drama as possible.  And we achieved our goal: healthy momma and healthy baby!  Couldn’t ask for anything better.

By the next day we were visited by some very special people.





By far this is the day that I get the most teary-eyed and heart full.  My mommy love simply explodes seeing each of my babies greet one another for the first time.  As you can see they each seemed to be so proud to be the bigger brother/sister and have special one on one time with our littlest princess.  I had to laugh looking at pictures from that day because poor baby girl didn’t get one solo picture because her siblings were too excited and held her most of the time.

Although, once that excitement wore off, they mostly kept themselves entertained by playing with the buttons on mommy’s special hospital bed.

IMG_5064I can’t blame them.  I love hospital beds and wish I could bring one home with me!  I also love the peace that comes with having a hospital birth.  I know I know…. peace?  Hospital birth?  Whaaa?????  Here’s the thing…. In the hospitals they bring you hot meals that you don’t prepare.  They cater to your every need.  They make sure you, not just the baby, are ok and well taken care of.  For goodness sake, nurses take the baby during the night if you wish so you can get some very needed sleep!  For a mommy of now five, its a rare moment where I get taken care of.  Plus there are many moments of quiet.  Newborns sleep a lot and my husband and I actually got to watch movies.  That’s right.  MovieS.  Plural.  More than one!  Mostly, I enjoy the special time that Music Man and I can spend simply adoring our special blessing that the Lord has given us.  We will never have that special one on one time again and I cherish it.